Read Something New: My January 2017 Favourites

Read Something New: my January 2017 Favourites

It only seems like 5 minutes ago since we were all wishing each other a happy new year 2017 but here we are starting  the  last few days of January 2017.  Just where does the time go?

With this in mind,  it is  time for me to share some of the things I have enjoyed reading this month and I definitely have a few so here they are:-

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Set a Word of the Year for 2017

Set a Word Of the Year for 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it is most definitely time to ramp up thinking about what we want to achieve in 2017.

And for me, that means the chance to define what I want to achieve in the coming year by setting a word for the year to guide me.

I do want 2017 to be an awesome year in which I achieve lots, but awesome just isn’t very measurable so it needs to be something else.

So what to set for this coming year…

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Write A 2016 Done This Year List

Write A 2016 Done This Year List


Writing a list of what I have done during the year is something I have done for a couple of years now.  Indeed, I have shared some of the highlights on those lists in some of my posts here on this blog. Here is a recap of last years.

I have been thinking for a while now that 2016 has not been one of my better years.

It has honestly felt like at times that I haven’t achieved anything or gone anyway, but then I do have a tendency to be hard on myself at times so writing a list of things that I have actually done is a really important way for me to stay positive.

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Remember That Rome Wasn’t Built in an Afternoon

Remember That Rome Wasn't Built In An Afternoon

No, really it wasn’t

And what is more as the saying goes, Rome  wasn’t built in a day either

The truth is that the Italian city of Rome has actually taken over a couple of thousand years to build and evolve.

Building something successful and memorable does take time. Ask many businesses or social media people with million of followers and likes and they will probably tell you that it didn’t just happen overnight.

So you have to be prepared to be in it for the long game and not give up before it comes right. Remain positive until you reach the point at which you can see that work you have put in is finally paying off.

Trouble is,  it can be very hard. I know as it is  something I have recent experience of.

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