Switch off the TV

Switch Off The TV

On a recent few days away, I found myself going TV and radio cold turkey.  I stayed in a lovely place that did not have  in room TVs  so there was no putting on the TV as soon as I closed my bedroom door.

There was a TV room where I could have gone to watch what I wanted but I didn’t. Instead, I wrote, read, explored and relaxed by the fire.

This experience has set me thinking that maybe if you don’t switch on the TV as soon as you walk in the door and switch it off when you are not really watching it then you could get more out of life.

Maybe achieve some of your dreams.

Perhaps you could use the time to start a new hobby, business or write a book.

The possibilities are endless.

So go on, give it a try. Switch off that TV.

P.s If you are interested, the place that inspired this post  is the very lovely Retreats for You which I can thoroughly recommend if you are a writer (readers, painters,  walkers and people just wanting to relax are welcomed too I believe) looking for some time away from the distractions of daily life.

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