Walk around the other side

Walk around the other side

Sometimes I feel that it is good to have a different perspective on life.

It is like walking around the back of something to see what is there.

It is always different on the other side.

If you do a regular walk, then there is always the temptation to follow the same route and go in the same direction.  Consider what might happen if you went the other way around?

You will almost certainly see the same things on your reverse route.

Indeed, they are very likely to be physically the same as they were when you were last there, but they will seem different as you approach them from another angle.

Maybe it will be that branch that sticks at a really curious and intriguing angle that you’ve never really noticed before or that the last house on the left actually has 3 chimneys and not just the 2 you can only see going the other way.

Changing what we see and how we see it can often inspire us to make life a little better.

That has got to be a positive thing, hasn’t it.

What do you think? Is a change of perspective good for us?

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