Stop Worrying About Things That You Can’t Change

Stop Worrying About Things That You Can't Change

Has this ever been you?

You have done or said something that seemed right at the time, but now a while later, your mind is replaying to you what happened and it doesn’t feel to you that you did or said the right thing.

As it is all you can think about, you start examining every detail and the more you think about it,  the worse it seems, especially as it will be some time before you can find out if what you are now thinking is true.

As time machines are still the stuff of science fiction books, you can’t change what happened so best to just stop thinking about it.

The chances are that everything is just fine and if you have started to believe that someone out there is thinking ill of you, they most likely aren’t.

I know from experience, that the ability to just turn off the worrying thoughts isn’t all that easy to do so here is an idea for you that works for me.

How about spending a bit of time doing something that makes you happy?

Concentrating on one of my hobbies for a period of time really helps me and I am sure that it can help you too so why not give it a try?

So go on, stop worrying about things that you can’t change today.

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