Break Big Things into Smaller Chunks

Break Big Things Into Smaller Chunks

Planning to run a marathon or write a novel?

At 26.2 miles and 50,000+ words respectively, the prospect of achieving either sounds very daunting doesn’t it?

Well, they do to me.

Does it sound more manageable if you say ran one mile or wrote 1000 words to start with and then increased that to two miles or 2000 words and so on?

I hope you will agree with me that it does.

By breaking big tasks into manageable chucks, I think they become so much more achievable and far less overwhelming.

The sense of accomplishment at reaching milestones along the way is bound to give you the confidence to carry on all the way to the finishing line at 26.2 miles or to have a completed first draft sitting in front of you.

So go on, break big things into smaller chunks today.  You know you can.


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