Do A Random Act Of Kindness

Do A Random Act of Kindness

Have you ever done something nice for somebody that they weren’t quite expecting?

If you have then well done because you have done something known as a Random Act of Kindness.

For me, Random Acts of Kindness are amazing small gestures that brighten someone else’s world.

The beauty about them, I think,  is that they don’t have to be very big or cost you very much if anything at all.

It can something as simple as:-

  • Retweeting a tweet that you think other people might like to read
  • Writing a nice comment on someone’s post on Facebook
  • Calling a friend for a chat.

It might be that simple and take just a few minutes to do,  but trust me when I say, it will make someone else’s day.

So go on, can you do a Random Act of Kindness today?

If you have done a Random Act of Kindness, please share your ideas below

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