Think Positive Thoughts

Think Positive Thoughts

Have you been in a situation in the past where you have been anxious about the outcome of something you know you had to do, to point that you have spent a quite lot of time mentally planning how you would deal with it if it didn’t go the way you wanted  and then it didn’t go the way you wanted it to?

Yes, that would me be then.

A few years ago I discovered  a quote like this:-

Keep Reminding Yourself:

I Get What I Think About Whether I Want It or Not

-Dr Wayne Dyer

I realised that if I didn’t spend so much time focusing on the negative situations like how I would apologise when something I had done went wrong and started to focus my thoughts on it going right and believing that I could do something then things started to go right for me.

Trust me, it is a great way of boosting your self-confidence.

I found that it does take work to always only think about the positive situation and a little support along the way always helps, but then creating great habits does take practice doesn’t it? If you can manage it, I believe that the rewards are amazing.

So go on, try thinking you can think positive thoughts today.

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