Remember That Tomorrow Is A New Day


A while back when I was weighed down with too many things to think about, a friend seeing my troubled look said to me “remember that the sun will always rise on a new day“.

When I stepped back to consider what he had meant by this, I realised that of course he was right the sun does rise on each new earth day.

Forgive me if you live up near the Arctic or Antarctic as I know that you get days there where it either never rises or never sets but I hope you will agree with me that in general, we can rely on the sun to appear over the eastern horizon to start each new fresh day even if we can’t see because it is behind the clouds.

I think it gives us all the chance of a fresh perspective. We can go to bed at night knowing that the next day will bring with it a fresh 24 hours of opportunity and that we get the chance to leave behind yesterday’s troubles. ┬áThere’s also something quite uplifting about waking up to a bright and sunny day don’t you think? I certainly do.

So go on, always remember that tomorrow is a new day.

photo credit: blavandmaster via photopin cc

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