Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First

We are serial people pleasers, aren’t we?

To the extent I think, that often we end up putting the needs of others before our own

However, always putting others first is not always good for us. We do, I believe need to make time for ourselves.

This may not always be easy, especially if we have roles as a parent or carer but there are some ways of doing it even if time is limited.

So here are 3 ideas to try, for putting yourself first today:-

1. Spend some time doing something you love to do.

How about spending time doing a favourite hobby or watching your favourite soap or sport?

2. Go Outdoors.

How about going for a walk? Maybe to a favourite Chillout spot. Nature can be so refreshing and invigorating when we are in need of a boost.

3. Have a pamper session.

How about something as simple as a long soak in the bath?

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