Be Inspired By Others: My TEDx Experience

Last weekend, I was very fortunate to be able to attend TEDxBrum 2014 which was held at the Library of Birmingham.

Be Inspired By Others: My TEDx Experience

I have been a huge fan of TED talks for a while so was very delighted to learn earlier this year that there is a global initiative called TEDx that is designed to spread ideas further and bring the spirit of TED to local communities in a live format. As part of the global TEDx community, TEDxBrum is an independently organised and volunteer led event that has been going for 3 years.

This years event which I have to say was brilliantly organised by a team of 50 dedicated volunteers had the theme of DIY; the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. An audience of over 350 of us were treated to a day packed with 15 speakers and 8 performers (and plenty of well-timed food and drink breaks to keep us all going).

The speakers started with Leigh Purnell, who told us about the importance of perseverance: when ‘no’ is not an option and his Guinness World Record breaking taxi ride and overcoming its many challenges They ended with Lee Kemp’s High impact running tale of his experience of taking part in the Marathon Des Sabres, who left us with the message that contrary to popular belief, we should sweat the small stuff  “because a small change here can lead to a big change over there

I throughly enjoyed my day and would definitely recommend the TEDx experience to anyone.

In this spirit, I am going to do my own bit of DIY and make a small contribution to help to keep spreading the ideas by sharing with you 3 of my favourite talks from the global TED/TEDx collection:-

1. Stepping Back from the Kerb:  Jodi Ann Bickley (From TEDxBrum 2013)

2. Your Elusive Creative Genius:  Elizabeth Gilbert

3. Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best:  Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

Now it is your turn. Do you have any favourite TED or TEDx talks? Were you at TEDxBrum? What did you enjoy? Please share below.

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  1. I love Ted Talks! They are so inspiring! I’ve listened to the Elizabeth Gilbert one before, but will probably give it another go, and really enjoyed the one by Jody Ann Bickley. Thanks for sharing these, Jo! 🙂

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