Read Something New: 11 Blogs for 2015

Right, we are nearly at the end of 2014, so it is time to get revved up for 2015.

A brand new year means new opportunities and new things to discover.

I know I have said this before, but I do believe it is good for us to read widely.

So in order to kick start our collective 2015, I thought I would put together a list of blogs that I have found in 2014 that I think are definitely worth a read in 2015.

There are so many blogs out there that we all need a little help to discover new ones, don’t we?

11 Blogs for 2015

So here they are:-

1) Adrienne Smith

Adrienne is the author of this blogging blog. She specialises in posts on building online relationships. If you sign up for updates from her blog, she asks for your phone number to contact you to see if she can help. Now that really is building relationships for you.

2) Successful blogging

Successful Blogging is the work of Sue Anne Dunlevie . It is a blog about blogging and has lots of very useful tips. If you sign up for Sue Anne’s updates, she asks you to contact her with any blogging challenges to see if she can help. If you do, you are assured of a personal reply.

3) Zen Habits

Zen Habits is the work of Leo Babauta. On this blog you will find lots of great motivational and inspirational tips.

4) Resolution Challenge

Shelley Wilson started this blog in January 2013 to chronicle her twelve month resolution challenge and how it changed her life. She continues to blog about lots of great motivational stuff and has published a book about her journey.

5) Fridge Not Bin

Fridge Not Bin is a food blog by Retreats For You owner Deborah Dooley and is designed to make us all think twice about what we might throw out of the Fridge into the bin. Having stayed at Retreats For You a couple of times, I can verify that Deborah knows a thing or two about how to put leftovers to good use so I am looking forward to learning more of what I can do with my leftovers in 2015.

6) Awesome Wave

Awesome wave is a travel blog written by Elizabeth and Raj, who both love the adventure of travelling. So much so that they are currently travelling in the Far East (December 2014)  and you can read about their adventures and get inspiration for your own adventures on their blog.

7) The Freelance Lifestyle

The Freestyle Lifestyle is a blog and website all about freelancing and is the work of Emma Cossey. Emma has put some really informative stuff about all things freelance including some worth listening to podcasts. If you are thinking about freelancing, do check this site out.

8) Huffington Post

Although it is probably better known as an online newspaper, the Huffington Post has a blog section too. I particularly like the lifestyle section where there is loads of stuff on well-being.

9) Conversations with Caroline

Conversations with Caroline is a lifestyle blog written by Caroline Towers. Caroline blogs about all sorts of things including travel, fitness, health and business.

10) James Clear

If you are looking to build better habits, this blog is worth checking out.

11) Rosalilium

Rosalilium is a personal lifestyle blog by Elizabeth Sellers. An award winning freelance blogger, Elizabeth blogs about all kinds of lifestyle things.

I am always on the look out for new blogs to follow so over to you. Please tell us about your favourite blogs?


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    1. Hi Sue,

      My pleasure.

      With so many blogs out there, it is always great to find new bloggers and help others to finds them too.

      Happy New Year


  1. Hey Jo,
    I’m glad to be here and thanks for leaving a comment on my guest article on Adrienne’s blog.

    I’m fan of her blog (which is first on your list) and of course Anne’s blog. These are both wonderful friends and community members whose blogs must be read in 2015 and beyond.

    Thanks for other on the list. Most of these are not completely new. I’ll be checking the rest out to add more to my list of blogs to visit.

    Do have a wonderful week and hope to be hear again 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…4 Untapped PR8, PR6, PR4, PR3 Dofollow Backlink Sources!My Profile

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for visiting the blog and commenting on this post.

    Your guest article on Adrienne’s blog was very informative and will help me develop this blog going forward.

    I love finding new blogs to visit and am glad that I have been able to help you add a few new ones to your list.

    Have a great week.


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