Remember To Breathe

Breathe In…… Breathe Out.

I think it would have been a good idea for some of those Black Friday frenzied shoppers to have remembered to do this the other day. Did you see the reports? It was a bit mad wasn’t it?

Remember To Breathe

The trouble with a frenzy is that panic can often ensue and you know that panic is never good for us. It stops our brains producing sensible suggestions and solutions.

In times like these, I think that we do need to remember to breathe. Ok, I know that generally, we do this naturally. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t, would we but there are times when it is good to stop and focus on our breathing.

To see what I mean, stop reading this blog post for a few seconds and just focus on your breathing. Close your eyes if you are able to do so. Just focus on the ins and outs.

Do you feel any different?

Ok, maybe not right now. You might after all be, enjoying some me time catching with social media and the latest blog posts, so now might not be the right time. How about giving it a try if you ever feel anxious, panicky or just a bit overwhelmed?

Personally, I have found that this works for me. The space it gives me makes all the difference and helps me step back and think more clearly. The trick for me is remembering to do it.

There are a number of other breathing techniques out there. Have you tried a different one? Please share with us.

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  1. You’re so right that breathing can calm you down, especially if you’re about to panic. I tend to focus on my breathing when I’m about to do something particularly scary. It’s calming. I also do it when I’m trying to meditate. Just focusing on it for a minute or so can really get you into a more relaxed frame of mind.

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