Be Bold And Say Yes To Your Universe

Be Bold And Say Yes to Your Universe

I have recently been reading Feel the fear and do it anyway by author Susan Jeffers as part of a Twitter book club that a group of people (Alex, Hayley and Rose) that I had followed on Twitter, had decided to set up to read some books that might help our well being.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

In the book, there is this lovely quote:-


Say Yes to Your Universe
– Janet Zuckerman


This quote really resonated with me because I think it is all about making the most out of life and not passing up opportunities when they present themselves. We only get one chance at life and it is too short to waste.

I will admit I had got too comfortable in my comfort zone.

Twitter was a place where I just read other people’s tweets and didn’t really engage with anyone. I guess I was too concerned as to what people might think of my tweets.

When the idea of the book club came up, however, I thought it was such a great idea and one not to be missed, that I actually tweeted the group to say I would be interested in joining and it went from there.

The idea of the book club is that anybody that wants to take part reads the book and then we have a Twitter chat about it at the end of the month.

Feel the fear and do it anyway was January’s choice and we did the chat a couple days ago.

I must admit I was a bit nervous about contributing my thoughts, especially when you only get 140 characters to express yourself.

This was heightened by the fact that I was actually out at an event at the same time.  I was concerned about being seen to be rude by using my phone to tweet about something completely different whilst in the presence of others, but I really wanted the opportunity to have my say about the book and was hoping that I would get a chance. Even a tiny one.

Do you know what. I think that when we want to embrace the opportunities presented to us, life just allows things to be possible.

That is what exactly happened that during the event.

Part way through way through the evening, a comfort break was announced. The timing of this break  couldn’t have been more perfect for me. It coincided with part of the Twitter chat time. I was indeed able to quietly share my thoughts about the book to the group.

How amazing is that?

Life really is full of amazing opportunities if you say yes to your universe.

Over to you. What amazing things have happened to you when you have stepped outside of your comfort zone and said yes to your universe?

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  1. Hey Jo,

    I did a video a few years back saying this same thing. I started everything saying yes yes yes. When you say yes more than you’re welcoming more into your world. Not that you have to accept every single thing but just by being more open, more will start to show up.

    Glad you took that plunge and joined in that chat. You’ve been chatting with me some on Twitter so I say just go for it. It’s just like mini conversations and they are actually pretty fun to have. Glad you enjoyed the book and was able to share your thoughts.

    One more thing of getting out of your comfort zone, good for you.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      I have enjoyed chatting with you on Twitter and hope that we can continue to the future.

      Saying Yes to opportunities that I might have said no to a while ago has become important to me and I am beginning to see the benefits.

      That said, as you mention, I am mindful and I think we should all be, that occasionally say no to things is important in order to preserve our well being.


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