Frustration, Failure and some Inspiring Blog Posts

I have a feeling of frustration today.

There, I have said it.


Frustraton,failure And Some Inspiring Blog Posts

Because I have got to Monday morning without any real idea of what I am going to write about for my regular Tuesday blog post.

I do usually have an idea brewing in my head before I sit down on Monday morning. Some weeks, it is almost written  and all I have do is proof read it and grammar check it.

Not this week,though.

It is not like I don’t have any writing ideas. After all, I wrote a 1000 word short story over the weekend, but as for something to write about on this blog today.

Nope, no immediate idea.


Hmm, didn’t I read a blog post about that recently?

Ah, yes, I did.

Last week, Elizabeth Sellers on her blog Rosalilum was advocating that we should Please Fail. It’s Essential That You Fail. It is a very thought provoking read and certainly made me think about our relationship with failure.

Maybe it might be good for me to fail this week and not deliver a blog post.

No, I think not. Not this week anyway.

I shall go outdoors and see if I lose my frustration.

Maybe I can abandon it quietly in the park somewhere.

Perhaps I should write a post about frustration and failure.

Now there’s an idea.

Do you have ways of dealing with frustration? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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    1. Hi Steve,

      I completely agree with you about going for a walk. It really helps doesn’t it.

      The other morning, whilst walking along, I came up with a complete idea for a blog post. Amazing.

      Thank you for commenting and have a great weekend.


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