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I have decided to give myself an extra blogging challenge this May by taking part in the Blog Every Day In May challenge organised by Elizabeth Sellers over on her blog Rosalilium

This challenge, as you may have already guessed requires me to write and publish 1 blog post every day for the 31 days of May.

Can I do it?

Well, I am going to give it my best shot.

Here’s the posts I have published so far:-

Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

Day 2 – Adventure

Day 3 – Self Care Sunday

Day 4 – Guilty Pleasure

Day 5 – Cinco De Mayo

Day 6 – Share The Blog Love

Day 7 – Home Sweet Home

Day 10 – Wishlist

Day 11 – Walk To Work Week

Day 12 – Food Glorious Food

Day 13 – Top Tips

Day 14 – Beauty, Fashion or Maybe Style

Day 15 – Photography

Day 17 – Pampering

Day 18 – Newsflash

Day 19 – Workspace

Day 20 – Role Model

Day 21 – Collaborate

Day 22 – What’s In Your Bag

Day 24 – Wanderlust

Day 25 – National Barbecue Week

Day 26 – Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Day 27 – Hometown

Day 28 – A Trip Down Children’s TV Memory Lane Anyone?

Day 30 – Buzzfeed Inspired

Day 31 – My BEDM Blogging Journey

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    1. Hi Caryn,

      Thank you for the lovely comment.

      I have had some fun with this but I will admit that I haven’t done every day. Now on day 24, I think have missed about 3 or 4 days but I am still intent on getting to the end.

      Have a great week.


    1. Hi Jaime,

      It was a great challenge to do.

      Yes, it was rewarding as I challenged myself to a podcast to fit one of the days which I had never done before.

      Stressful, I made sure it wasn’t . That did many that I didn’t blog on 5 of the days but do you know what, I am not at all worried about it. Life is way too short for that.

      I would definitely do it again but just not for quite a few weeks I think.

      Have a great week.


      1. Want to hear a little bit of “crazy” on my side?

        For years I wanted to grow my website traffic—and my marketing guys took a look at my sales and traffic goals and said, “Sure, we can do this–we just need $10K a month to pay for the resources.”

        My heart sank.

        He smiled and said, “Relax. I know you have the talent to create those resources–so I’ll give you a challenge none of my corporate clients have been able to do past 7 days. It’ll be the hardest you every worked, but it’ll pay off–I promise.”

        One article & 12 original pieces of art every day. Once a week I needed to do a video, an infographic and if possible, a podcast.

        I lasted over 7 months and I achieved my goals.

        One of those months I did an article, an infographic, a podcast AND a video every day.

        Always Think You Can….cause you CAN!
        (You have an AWEsome website name!!)
        Jaime Buckley recently posted…6 Tips Guaranteed To Prevent Writing & Publishing FailureMy Profile

        1. Hi Jaime,

          WOW, that is definitely an inspiring story.

          I know that we are definitely capable of great things if we just believe that we can.

          Thank for you for the lovely comment especially about my awesome website name.

          Have a great week.


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