Why You Should Definitely Take A Holiday

Why you should definitely take a holiday

I’m back. Did you miss me?

I didn’t go very far. Just stayed off the blog for a week.

After completing Blog Every Day In May, I felt I needed a complete break.

To tell you the truth, after blogging so many days in a row, I just couldn’t face writing yet another blog post.

Sometimes I think that we can do too much of one thing to the point at which it begins to zap our energy and enthusiasm. It definitely happened to me.

I have talked before about taking time out. In that context, I was meaning it as a way of getting us some headspace for a short and temporary time so that we can see the woods for the tree.

There is no doubt, though, that occasionally we do need a bit longer than an hour or two here and there. I am definitely thinking at least several consecutive days. The sort of length of time where you can put your work mobile/cell phone completely out of reach (yes really) and disengage from your work universe.

It could be a time to try different things, have some new experiences, but mainly to just chill.

I know from past experience that a benefit from doing this has helped me to relieve stress.

This time, the benefit I have found from my little blogging holiday is that it has helped me reengage with my creativity and I have come up with some great new possible blog content ideas. Amazing as I wasn’t really trying to come up with any. I love it when it just happens like that.

So I definitely recommend a little holiday every so often. Would you?

Have you found any other benefits from taking a holiday. Please share them with us in the comments below.

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