Why Writing Words Is Good For Me


Why Writing Words Is Good For Me

I love the power of words.

For me, they have some great benefits.

Bring order out of chaos

The human mind does fail to see the obvious sometimes. Well, mine does anyway.  It only takes a good session of overthinking to give chaos the upper hand and send order to cower in the corner.

A good brain dump all over a piece of paper helps me to coax order back out of the corner by presenting the true facts as they really are.

The thousand things I think have to do are suddenly reduced to a manageable handful and probably won’t take anywhere near as long as I thought would do. I find a good old fashioned list helps me with this one brilliantly.

Therapeutic and cathartic

Writing helps me to restore emotional balance.

A good splurge of words has often helped restore balance to my world. Words provide a light source to help me find my way to the end of a seemingly dark tunnel.  My favourite form of words for this is a stream of consciousness

Creative Outlet

Words are a fun way to express my personality. Everyone has a voice and we are all unique. Be they sad, happy, funny or inspiring; let those words flow.

In my creative mode, I like to write the odd short story and poem to express my voice.

Words are definitely important in my world. Are they in yours?

What do you have a favourite form of words? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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