Read Something New: July 15 Roundup

Read Something New: July 15 Roundup

In the last few weeks, I have talked about how getting out there and doing things can help you succeed and make the most of your life.

To end July,  (it can’t be the end of July already, can it?)  I am featuring some blog posts by others that I have come across in July.

It is always great to read what others are saying. This time is it what thoughts they have about success and how to achieve it.

So here are 4 of my favourites:-

1) Habit Creep: The Proven, Reasonable and Totally Unsexy Way to Become More Successful

In this article, James Clear talks about using the power of habit as a way to achieve the success you want.

2) How to Make Blogging as Delicious as Eating Cupcakes

Whilst this post by Daniela Uslan is not specifically about success, I do love the message in point 2 about not trying to do it all at once but doing things bit by bit.

I love the cupcake analogy too. Who doesn’t love a cupcake?

3) Football. A Supermodel. And the Secret Ingredients To “Making It.”

In this post, Sally Hope highlights the story of American footballer player Tom Brady and how he became a success.

I particularly like the message Sally makes in the 1st of her 4 takeaways.

4) 10 steps you should take to become successful in life

In this post, Chioma Anozie features 10 characteristics of success noticed from studying some real life stories of success including that of author JK Rowling.

I always love to be inspired by the stories of others and there are some great tips here.

Have you seen any of these posts? What do you think? Do you have any takeaways for yourself?


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    1. Hi Chioma,

      It is a pleasure to mention your article.

      I love being inspired by others and J.K. Rowling’s story is definitely one about never giving up. A very useful life lesson for us all.

      Hope you have a great week


    1. Hi Angela,

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

      I love Daniela’s post too. It reminds me that taking things in stages is good. As Daniela says, this is particularly true when working on big long term projects like building blogs.

      Have a great week.


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