Review The Progress You’ve Made And Celebrate

Review the progress you've made and celebrate

Wow, is it really July already?

Are you like me wondering just where the 1st half of 2015 went?

Since we have made into July,  it seems like an ideal opportunity to do a mini 1/2 year review.

Doing a periodic review gives us the chance to see how we are getting with any goals or challenges we might have set ourselves.

One of my goals for the year is to publish 1 blog post every week in 2015.

So how I have got on so far?

Well, I am pleased to say I have published 50 blog posts so far this year. Definitely 1 a week and a few extra in May as a result of doing Blog Every Day in May.

Some weeks have been very testing as to whether I would manage it. Missing a week has been very tempting, I can tell you.

I think the advantage of reviewing our progress is that it can give us a confidence boost if we need one to spur us on to continue to make progress.

I have mentioned before how important I think rewarding yourself is. Reviewing our progress also gives us that chance to celebrate how far we have come in whatever journey we have set ourselves.

I am planning a mini celebration.

Question is can you take a few minutes to review the progress you have made and celebrate it?


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