August 2015 Roundup: Wellbeing Apps, Reading and Gremlin Taming

August 2015 Roundup: Wellbeing Apps, Reading and Gremlin Taming

Another month has rushed past.

That means 8 months of this year have disappeared into a puff of smoke already.

August as a month seems to have quicker than ever. Or is it just me?

It has also got to that time of the year when I start to notice the nights drawing in meaning less daylight hours. How depressing is that

Time, I think to take my mind off it by showcasing some of the posts that I have read this month that all have a wellbeing theme:-

21 of our favourite apps to help with wellbeing 

Who doesn’t love a list post?

This one by the Blurt Foundation was compiled from recommendations by their members.

There are some great suggestions to check out on this list; several of which were completely new to me.

Why we should read a novel if we are feeling lost

This is an interesting post from the Huffpost Healthy Living blog about the possible therapeutic benefits of reading literature.

How to tame your gremlin through mindfulness

I must admit I had to smile when I read this post by Vicki at Lifestyle Maven.

As an anxiety sufferer myself, I totally get the gremlin thing so my own creative imagination is busy creating a whole persona for my gremlin. The question is, is that really a good idea I ask myself?

Any thoughts on this month’s posts? Share them with me in the comments below.

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