How and Why I Will Use Pinterest Differently Now

How And Why I Will Use Pinterest Differently Now


I have using Pinterest for some months now.

I say using.

What I have really been doing is just pinning my weekly blog posts to one of my boards most weeks and then occasionally also pinning the books I have been reading this year to Pinterest too.

So I wouldn’t say I had embraced it.

Maybe that is because I haven’t really understood how to use Pinterest to its full potential.

Maybe I needed some education.

Life, after all, is a continued learning experience

As luck would have it, I have recently been able to attend a workshop run by PinterestUK especially for bloggers like me and now I understand.

Pinterest is a discovery tool.

I have always thought of Pinterest as a social networking tool putting it into the same class as Twitter and Facebook.

Not any more.

Now I come to think about, Pinterest isn’t really somewhere you’d go to have a conversation like you would on Twitter or Facebook.

That is because it is a discovery tool. A place where you can search for things. So it is a bit like Google in some respect,  but unlike Google, it is all about pictures.

Lets face it, pictures are very enticing aren’t they.

Curate, Curate, Curate.

Now that I understand that Pinterest is a discovery tool, it has changed the way I view my boards and what I should put in them.

One of the things I learnt from the workshop is that people searching in Pinterest are likely to be looking for something specific.

For example, before the workshop, I had a board called books where I had been pinning all the books I have read this year.

Now that I know that people searching in Pinterest are likely to be looking for something more specific than just books, I have been revamping my boards. Out has gone the aforementioned generic books board and in have come some new boards specifically dedicated to books about personal development and fiction.

Pinterest really does allow you to curate things together that you love and that inspire you.

Pin descriptions are important. Use long ones.

What I hadn’t realised before is how just important the pin descriptions are.

Pinterest uses its pin descriptions to help other users find pins of interest so a top tip that I learnt is to use long and thoughtful pin descriptions to help you get your pins discovered. So more is definitely good.

Do you have any other top Pinterest tips that you know about? Share them with us in the comments below


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