The Valuable Life Lesson Wayne Dyer Taught Me

The Valuable Lesson Wayne Dyer Taught Me

This last week got off to a bit of a sad start.

On Monday morning, I woke up to the news that Wayne Dyer had passed away.

Wayne Dyer was a well respected self help author and motivational speaker and his work has really inspired me.

I first discovered Wayne’s work back in about 2006 when I saw him on shopping TV of all places.

I was watching quite a bit of shopping TV at the time mainly for the craft hours, but I did dip into other things and a show with Wayne was one of them..

There was just something about his message that resonated with me so I bought what he was selling that day.

The nugget of wisdom that really stood out for me was “you get what you think about”

Would worry about anything

At the time, I would worry about anything and everything. So much so that I would always have a plan b for any scenario.

I actually spent quite a lot of time carefully crafting my plan b

And more often than not,  it would be that plan that was the one that would happen despite the fact that I didn’t really want it to.

When I read Wayne’s message about “getting what you think about” ,  I could suddenly see what was happening.

Because I was spending so much time focusing on plan b instead of plan a, that was what I was getting.

At the time of discovering this revelation,  I was working in IT looking after amongst other things a big computer processing run. It was quite a complex routine with multiple stages that took many hours to run.

My role was to check it periodically to see that it was still going as we were under pressure to get it completed as soon as possible.

Trouble was it had a habit of being a bit of a pain, particularly so in the few months just before I discovered Wayne’s work.  Because it had happened quite a number of times,  I was well prepared mentally for how I was going to sort out any problem should it arise.

So well prepared in fact, that I spent a lot of time thinking about it.

No more plan b

Armed with my new insight, I decided that maybe if I put my mental efforts into focusing on plan a; that was the successful completion of the routine without any intervention for me then things might be better.

So I did. Every time I found myself thinking about the rescue scenario, I would tell myself to stop and push those thoughts to the back of my mind.

The result?

Yes, you have guessed it,  In remaining few months I looked after the computer run before I moved on to other things,  it didn’t fall over once.

Now I know that being able to control the fate of an inanimate object such as a computer program with thoughts alone seems unlikely. Maybe it was just a well timed coincidence.


It did serve as a lesson to me that by focusing on the thing I really wanted to happen, I got what I wanted.

I have used that principle many times since and it has always served me well.

Have you experienced something like this? Do you have any other nuggets of wisdom that you have learned from Wayne Dyer’s work? Please share them with us in the comments below

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