The Importance Of A Little Me Time

The Importance Of A Little Me Time


Lets face it, we all live busy lives.

Whether it is working long hours or endless family commitments, our busy time certainly begins to build up. And that is before we even think about that dreaded to do list that has about a zillion things on it.

Added together,  it could be a recipe for overwhelm.

Time to consider some time for ourselves, I think.

What is Me time?

Me time is that period of time just for ourselves.

That lovely space when we step away from our busy lives to do something we love.

Me time can be anything we enjoy. As simple as reading a chapter of a favourite book to lots of hours engrossed in a creative hobby we adore. The possibilities are endless.

Why have Me time?

Having me time allows our brains to disconnect from our busy lives to relax and rest. This period of relaxation can help us to think more clearly as a result.

Personally, I have found that after a period of me time, the spaghetti like a jumble of unorganised and anxious thoughts that were in my head before often seem to organise themselves into something much clearer and have helped me in the past to make a decision that I couldn’t see the answer to before. Definitely a positive thing for my mental health.

It also can help to build our self esteem as often things that we do in our me time bring with them a sense of achievement. Think of those creative hobbies you might have where you are creating something. How good do you feel when it is finished?

So making time for you is definitely a great thing.

Do you agree? Have you seen any other benefits of having Me time? What things do you like to do? Please do share your ideas with us in the comments below. I would love to see your ideas.

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  1. Hey Jo,

    I do also agree that each of us should have some “me time”. I have even been criticized by someone online for taking “me time”. I had written a post about not blogging on the holidays because we all need time to ourselves or for some to be with family and/or friends. He told me I was being selfish. I was so hurt and insulted so it’s easy to say that I have nothing to do with that man now.

    I just relax and usually watch a program I taped. That’s what I enjoy doing the most because I work a lot of hours and spend a good bit of my spare time with my Mom. It’s nice to just doing nothing sometimes too.

    Hope yours was very enjoyable and have a great week.

    Adrienne recently posted…What You Need to Know About Blog CommentingMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Wow, I must say I am a bit shocked to read that someone criticised you for saying that we all need time for ourselves.

      But do you know what, we are all different and maybe some people don’t need “me time”. I just know that I do and my mental health definitely does which is why I think it is important.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Have a great week


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