Write A 2015 Done This Year List

Write A 2015 Done This Year List


Writing a what you have done this year list was something I blogged about last year.

I think it is such a great idea that I am doing it again this year.

Here are some of the things that I can write on my done list this year:-

  • Published 66 posts on this blog
  • Met 150+ new people
  • Written words for my book. If you want to know what that is all about, you can catch up here
  • Was a guest on a radio show
  • Became self employed
  • Got paid to write words for other people

And the year isn’t over yet so I could just add a few more things to this list.

How has your 2015 been? What can you write on your 2015 done this year list? I’d love to hear about them. Let’s celebrate things we have done.


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