Why I Will Be Taking Time To Talk This Week

Why I Will Be Taking Time To Talk This Week

Have you heard of Time To Talk day?


Well, I had but was reminded of it again when I received this in the post the other day.

Time To Talk Day 2016 Conversation Starter

Time To Talk Day Conversation Starter Folded

Gosh, I hadn’t seen one of these in a very long time. I do remember making them as a child though. Do you?

So what is this Time To Talk day thing all about then?

Time To Talk day is a day run by Time To Change that aims to get as many people as possible across England starting conversations about mental health.

In 2016, Time To Talk day is on Thursday, February 4th.

I have blogged before about the importance of talking about our mental health and I am sure this will not be that last you hear from me on the subject.

So why I am taking time to talk?

For me personally, talking about the way I feel has been very important.

By just voicing my fears to someone has helped the anxious part of me to see a different reality and reveal the positive in the situation around me. That part of me that is often referred to as our inner critic to see that I am good enough and what I have done is good enough.

Even the smallest of conversations by text has been known to pep up my day turning it from a potentially anxious mess into something much more positive. So I know how important taking time out to talk is.

I will definitely be taking time to start a conversation on Time To Talk Day. Can you?  Just a short ‘How are you’ message could make all the difference

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