Completing Action is Positively Awesome

Completing Action is Positively Awesome

Can I let you into a little secret?

There have been 2 items hanging around on my to-do list for what seems like ages.

I am not exactly sure how long ages is but I would say a couple of months at the very least.

The reason they have been there so long is because neither of them were a 5 minute job.

Both required planning and I estimated a number of hours if not days of my time to complete.

The thought of that implication had kept them languishing there.

And they would still be there if I hadn’t taken the time to reconnect with my inspirational word of the year.

What was that again?

Ah, yes, that’ll be action then

The reason I chose this word in the first place is because I know the positive effects it has on me when I step up and start taking action. It usually spurs me on to wanting to do more.

So I decided I should step up and get both items done.

And yes, I was right, they weren’t a 5 minute job.

They did many hours of my time.

I could have given up part way through.

Nobody would have been any the wiser. After all, they couldn’t see my list. They just wouldn’t know.

But I would have known.

This time I was determined. I would get the job done. I would do whatever took.

That meant working into the evening. And on the weekend.


That was alright.

Because getting stuff done is amazing. It increases our self worth.

It is like a firm “no” to procrastination. And who doesn’t love that?

Yes, I am now more than happy to report that both items are done.

They are gone off my to-do list and I am ready for the next job.

Now what’s next….

Have you got a similar example you would like to share with us? Do you think there are any other benefits

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