BEDM2016 Day 10 – Food Glorious Food

Day 10 of Blog Every Day In May and today it is time to talk about food.

Ok, yes, I know I have already done a food related post for BEDM but food is such a popular topic. Ask any of the food bloggers. I  am sure they would more than agree with me.

So what I am going to talk about today then?

Well, I am going to talk burgers.

Why? Because I love a good burger.

That said, I am a bit fussy. I do like them very plain. I am that person who goes into well known fast food outlets and asks for my burger order to be just the “burger and bun”

In pubs and  other restaurants, I find it much easier as the relish etc  is always usually in a pot on the side of the plate.

So what burger do I normally order?

My absolute favourite is a burger topped with bacon and cheese.

Now that IS making me feel hungry.

Are you a burger fan? Do you have a favourite?

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