BEDM2016 Day 11 – Museums

Day 11 of Blog Every Day In May and it is time to talk about museums.

I love museums. They are such a great way to learn about how things have evolved over time.

I could use this post to give you a list of my favourites, but instead I am going to talk about just one.

And that is the National Portrait Gallery in London

National Portrait Gallery
What I love about the National Portrait Gallery is that if you start at the top of the building where the earliest portraits are displayed , you can walk back down through the galleries on a journey through history as you proceed through the centuries.

The pictures in upper galleries are so detailed and there are some amazingly  big canvases that have multiple people in them such as some parliament scenes that must have taken hours to paint.

It is also interesting to see how the style of  portrait painting changes when people become able to use the camera to take pictures.

I last visited the gallery in September last year when I was also lucky enough to see an exhibition of Audrey Hepburn pictures too.


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