BEDM2016 Day 2 – Monday Musings

Day 2 of Blog Every Day In May and today it is all about Monday Musings.

So what am I going to muse about? 

Well, I am going to muse about the  fact that today is a Bank Holiday here in the UK.  This particular one is the May Day Bank holiday (Early May Day Bank Holiday).   I am used to having days off work for Bank Holidays with the banks and stock market etc being closed but when did this one come into being? 

It turns out  that this May Day Bank holiday was introduced across all of the U.K in 1978 by the Government. It was already a holiday in Scotland having been defined in the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971.  It officially falls on the 1st Monday  in May which means that it will fall on any date between the May 1st and May 7th unless it gets changed.

I must admit I was quite surprised that it wasn’t a bank holiday before this. If you had asked me to name the year it was introduced then I would have definitely given you an earlier date. Amazing what you learn isn’t it?

Just one thing left to find out then. Will it rain today?

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