BEDM2016 Day 9 – A Few European Things

Day 9 of Blog Every Day In May and today’s topic is something about Europe.

Whilst today,  May 9th is actually Europe Day, it also just so happens that this is the week in which the 2016 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place.

Whether you love it or hate it, the annual singing contest is now in its 61st year and this year it will come from Stockholm as Sweden won the 2015 contest.

There are 42 countries taking part this year,  which is 2 more than last year and again includes Australia.

There is also a new voting system which I am not sure I understand quite yet. Hopefully it might all become clear on the night.

Before Saturday’s grand final, there are 2 semi finals; one on Tuesday (May 10th) and one on Thursday (May 12th).

The top 10 songs from each of these semi finals will join Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom to make a total of 26 competitors in the final.

Let’s see how they all get on then.

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