Write A 2016 Done This Year List

Write A 2016 Done This Year List


Writing a list of what I have done during the year is something I have done for a couple of years now.  Indeed, I have shared some of the highlights on those lists in some of my posts here on this blog. Here is a recap of last years.

I have been thinking for a while now that 2016 has not been one of my better years.

It has honestly felt like at times that I haven’t achieved anything or gone anyway, but then I do have a tendency to be hard on myself at times so writing a list of things that I have actually done is a really important way for me to stay positive.

Plus the fact that it has shown me that 2016 has been better a year than I thought it was.

So here are some of my highlights:-

  • Written and published 33 blog posts.  My blogging efforts may have been a bit inconsistent at times, but I haven’t completely given up
  • Met 108 new people.
  • Signed up for and completed a short history course on the Victorians.
  • Got myself a new job
  • Read or listened to 12 books.

And the year isn’t over yet so I have plenty of time to add a few more things to this list. Thumbs up to that!

Let’s celebrate the things we have achieved  this year. It can only make us stronger.

How has your 2016 been? What can you write on your 2016 done this year list? I’d love to hear about them.

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