Read Something New: My January 2017 Favourites

Read Something New: my January 2017 Favourites

It only seems like 5 minutes ago since we were all wishing each other a happy new year 2017 but here we are starting  the  last few days of January 2017.  Just where does the time go?

With this in mind,  it is  time for me to share some of the things I have enjoyed reading this month and I definitely have a few so here they are:-

Seventeen Life Changing Challenges for 2017

OK, we might be coming to the end of January but there is still plenty of year for anyone up for taking on a new challenge.

Zoe from Splodz Blogz has come up with 17 ideas for people to try. There are some very interesting ones and if number 4 on the list appeals to you, then Zoe has just announced her February 2017 One Hour Outside Challenge to get you going.

Weekend Wander

Angie from Changing Pages has just started a new weekly blog post  called  The Weekend Wander.

In these posts,  she has started sharing  things to watch, listen to, discover that we may not all know about.  I do love finding new things to inspire me so I will be following this series with great interest.

The Happy Kitchen

I must admit cookery books are not the sort of books I usually buy, but I had to have this one. The Happy Kitchen by Rachel Kelly and Alice Mackintosh is filled with recipes for food that will help us feel happier and calmer; good mood food as they call it.

As someone who is very well acquainted with the negative effects that anxiety has on my well being, I am always keen to try new things that might help increase my positivity and provide me with a smoother journey though life.

What I like about Happy Kitchen is that it has a handy page dedicated to which foods are fab, very good and good mood foods and which to try and eat less of.  Always useful to have a quick reminder of what foods to go for at times when things are not going so well.

As for recipes, well, I have already tried the Prosciutto Wrapped Salmon with Sweet Potato fries and can confirm it is very delicious and the happy smoothie I am sure will  become a firm favourite too.

So that is what I have been reading in January. How are about you? Do you have any favourites? Please do share them with us in the comments. 

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