Positive Perspectives # 1

Hello and welcome to my 1st post on positive perspectives.

In these posts (yes, I am planning there will be more than just this one), I will be sharing with you snippets of some of the positive things that are happening in my life.

So let me make a start with…..

Getting Back Up and Starting Again

Picking yourself up and beginning to start doing something again that you haven’t done in a while can be really hard.

I know this because I haven’t published a post on this blog since……

Well, lets not go there.

Lets just say it has been quite a while.

But if you are really interested in knowing just how long it has been then have a look at the date on this post.

And it would have probably continued this way for a good while longer had an email not dropped into my inbox at the end of last week to alert me that the domain name Always Think You Can was due for renewal. Did I want to renew it?

Good question indeed.

Did I want to keep Always Think You Can?

Was it really worth spending the money to keep it alive?

But then again from a different perspective, did I want to lose something that I have put a lot of work into albeit not a lot recently?

Well, that certainly got me thinking.

And in a very good way.

After a surprisingly very short deliberation, the answer was yes, I didn’t want Always Think You Can to be consigned to the great blogging graveyard in the internet ether so I am getting back up and starting to post again.

The interesting thing is that as a result of making this very positive decision I have had loads of ideas for new content.

So I consider that a win-win

So take it from me, it is never too late to get back up and start again.












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