Podcast Positivity

Do you like listening to podcasts?

If you do then you’ll know just how great they are.

But why?

For me, there are several reasons I love podcasts:-

You can listen to them pretty much anywhere.

As podcasts are audio only, you can listen to them pretty much anywhere. I, for example love listening to an episode on my commute to work.

There are such a large range to choose from.

Start hunting for a new podcast to listen to and you’ll find so much choice. Pretty much all tastes are catered for. Sport, comedy, music, business , catch up episode of  your favourite radio program and much much more.

Time out opportunity.

What I love about listening to a podcast episode is that it gives me the chance to step away from life for a short period of time and concentrate on something different. It gives me a chance to gain a different perspective on life for a few minutes and often motivates me to get on with the rest of my day.

So what podcasts do I like listening to?

Well, it might not surprise you to know that I love a bit of inspiration so I am particularly loving episodes of the following on my podcast player at the moment:-

The Emma Guns Show

Host Emma talks to guests about beauty and wellbeing on this podcast

Pressing Pause

The podcast for overthinkers.

Are you a fellow podcast fan? Do you have any podcasts that you love to listen too? Please share them as I always like discovering new listens.

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