BEDM2016 Day 31 – How Did I Do?

Day 31 of Blog Every Day In May so today it is time to sum up how I have done.

I’ll get straight to the point and be honest with you and say that I have not done anywhere near as well as I had intended to when I started the challenge

Everything was good for the 1st 17 or so days, but then a few things got in the way.

I know that I could have found the time, but life does sometimes get in the way of things and we have to allocate priorities as to what is important for our  own wellbeing.

I am a firm believer that it is much better to have tried something and not quite succeeded in it than never to have tried at all. If we don’t try then we will never really know what we are capable of will we?

So with that in mind, history will tell you that I published 15 blog posts for Blog Every Day In May 2016 challenge and I am going to be proud of that.



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BEDM2016 Day 30 – Bank Holiday Monday Leisure

Day 30 of Blog Every Day In May and today it is all about enjoying leisure time on a bank holiday.

I love a bank holiday becuase it gives us time to chill out and relax.

Bank holidays give me a chance to spend some valuable time indulging in some of my interests.

And the very good news is that today has been a bank holiday. Hurrah!

So today, it has been all about Game of Thrones and card making for me.

I only really discovered how brilliant Game of Thrones is during season 5 but now I am hooked and am always eager for a new episode.

I now record the 2am Simulcast so this morning it was breakfast whilst catching up on the latest goings on in Westeros.

A great engrossing start to the day.

After that, it was time to get out my card making stuff and do a little designing. A chance to make cards using some new card making pads I recently bought from Joanna Sheen.

One like this:-

(Owls image is from Joanna Sheen’s Lisa Audit Pad 1)

All in all, a real chill out day doing things that I love.

What things do you love to do? What would be your ideal bank holiday day?

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BEDM2016 Day 17 – Wanderlust

Day 17 0f Blog Every Day in May and today it is about wanderlust.

Wanderlust is about all a desire to travel. The chance to visit and explore new and exciting places.

Life is a journey and we are always travelling so never miss the chance to explore I say.

Never Stop Exploring

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BEDM2016 Day 16 – Importance of Rest

We have reached day 16 of Blog Every Day In May and the observant amongst you may have noticed that I have completely missed the last couple of days of this challenge.

Yes, I admit it, there are no posts for days 14 and 15.

There should have been at least a post for day 15,  but it just didn’t happen. That’s because I had a little accident on day 14.

Nothing major. I just managed to step off a kerb that I didn’t realise was there, landed badly and as a result sprained my left ankle. No broken bones luckily.

As I have managed to sprain my ankle before, I know the drill. I know I need to rest and put my foot up to help it to get better.

It turns out I was quite tired too so I spent the day resting.

Sometimes that is what we need. To put ourselves first and know when it is important to put other things aside to rest and look after ourselves.

Foot is a lot better now so onwards to day 17


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BEDM2016 – Day 8 – Sandwiches

Day 8 of Blog Every Day In May and today it is time to talk sandwiches

A lunchtime and teatime staple favourite, everyone knows what a sandwich is don’t they?

The 2 slices of bread can have pretty much any filling you can think of these days.

And they have been munched over the years by people such as Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five and the Pevensie children from C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia.

Me, I prefer simple plain fillings such as ham, cheese (plus a combination of the two) and tuna mayonnaise.

How about you? What sandwich filling is your favourite?

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