Completing Action is Positively Awesome

Completing Action is Positively Awesome

Can I let you into a little secret?

There have been 2 items hanging around on my to-do list for what seems like ages.

I am not exactly sure how long ages is but I would say a couple of months at the very least.

The reason they have been there so long is because neither of them were a 5 minute job.

Both required planning and I estimated a number of hours if not days of my time to complete.

The thought of that implication had kept them languishing there.

And they would still be there if I hadn’t taken the time to reconnect with my inspirational word of the year.

What was that again?

Ah, yes, that’ll be action then

The reason I chose this word in the first place is because I know the positive effects it has on me when I step up and start taking action. It usually spurs me on to wanting to do more.

So I decided I should step up and get both items done.

And yes, I was right, they weren’t a 5 minute job.

They did many hours of my time.

I could have given up part way through.

Nobody would have been any the wiser. After all, they couldn’t see my list. They just wouldn’t know.

But I would have known.

This time I was determined. I would get the job done. I would do whatever took.

That meant working into the evening. And on the weekend.


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