Remember That Rome Wasn’t Built in an Afternoon

Remember That Rome Wasn't Built In An Afternoon

No, really it wasn’t

And what is more as the saying goes, Rome  wasn’t built in a day either

The truth is that the Italian city of Rome has actually taken over a couple of thousand years to build and evolve.

Building something successful and memorable does take time. Ask many businesses or social media people with million of followers and likes and they will probably tell you that it didn’t just happen overnight.

So you have to be prepared to be in it for the long game and not give up before it comes right. Remain positive until you reach the point at which you can see that work you have put in is finally paying off.

Trouble is,  it can be very hard. I know as it is  something I have recent experience of.

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5 TED Talks With a Positive Message

5 TED Talks With a Positive Message

I love dipping into TED talks. With such a wide range of topic covered, there is always something they can teach me.

I’ve even been to a TEDx event that brings the TED experience to live local audience. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance to go to one.

As TED talks can tell us so much and have inspired me,  today, I want to share with you 5 talks that I have discovered that have a positive message or have positivity at the heart of them.

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Give Yourself Some Space

Give Yourself Some Space

As I write this, it is Easter Monday here in the UK and #StormKatie is making herself known outside.

While the wind is blowing the trees about,  I have been reflecting on just how good it has been to have a few days off. The Easter period allows many people to have a 4 day weekend, which is really nice.

It is a time when people can relax, recharge and have some fun. And then there is the chocolate. Did you get any Easter eggs?

It is important for us to have some time out. It helps with our well-being and mental health. It allows us to disconnect from some of the pressures of life.  It can only be a positive thing.

I find that the space also helps me to reengage with my creativity and reignites my inspiration which sometimes get lost under the pressure of work and life responsibilities.

I’ve spent some time this weekend watching and listening to some episodes of my favourite Science Fiction shows. I love a great Science Fiction tale with interesting new worlds and spaceships to discover (my out and out favourite is Blake’s 7). Making space for some of the things we love to do is so important in my book.

How about you? Would you agree? What did you do over Easter? Did you have some time out? How does it benefit you?

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