How and Why I Will Use Pinterest Differently Now

How And Why I Will Use Pinterest Differently Now


I have using Pinterest for some months now.

I say using.

What I have really been doing is just pinning my weekly blog posts to one of my boards most weeks and then occasionally also pinning the books I have been reading this year to Pinterest too.

So I wouldn’t say I had embraced it.

Maybe that is because I haven’t really understood how to use Pinterest to its full potential.

Maybe I needed some education.

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Pinterest and My Favourite Things

Time to experiment with ways of collating together my favourite things again. Last time,  I was scrapbooking my favourite things. This time, I am using the social media platform Pinterest.

Pinterest_and_My_Favourite_Things.PNGPinterest was launched in March 2010 and was originally by invitation only but now it is for everybody and having set up an account very recently, I am loving using it. The concept behind it is that you create boards and pin images and videos of things you like within them.

I have had lots of fun adding my own pictures of my favourite places and adding things that I love from the web too.

Once you have set up an account which is free, Pinterest allows you follow other people and their boards and then presents them to you in your home screen.

It brings in other people’s pins too that are like yours and those that you follow that it thinks you might like to expand your experience. My favourite thing about this is that it is a great way to find other people’s blogs.

You can find me on Pinterest at

While I continue to search for more favourite things to pin, what would you include in your favourites?

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